SocialPoster is a social web application, which manages your facebook and twitter account very effectively. It helps you to grow your social presence and traffic. It can especially be beneficial in business marketing.

Why should I use SocialPoster

SocialPoster gives great reasons to you to use it, It provides tools like Queueing posts which keeps you alive socially on facebook/twitter, by posting your ads/posts automatically on a given day every week. You can use posts by facebook/twitter feed from another facebook pages, edit them and post them. You can schedule posts which mean that you have no need to wait for the day, the post will automatically be posted on a given date.

How SocialPoster boost your traffic/Business

To Boost your traffic and increase audience, you need to post your business/product ads on regular basis so that audience can reach it. So the SocialPoster's Queue helps you to get there. You just have to assign a category of posts to a queue, the rest of the work will be done by it. It automatically shuffles posts and posts them one by one on a day chosen by you every week.